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SKIN NFTs Available


Everything tokenized on the blockchain through NFTs

Upon the finalization and launch of our project all all players will be able to utilize their NFTs to claim skins and plots of land on the server. These skins and land plots will be fully yours. You can trade them with whomever or list them for sale on our public marketplace.

Up until the launch of the tokenized server the public server will operate with coin only operation. No NFT utilization.

Features OF


Discover all our features giving you the ultimate tokenized, decentralized metaverse experience.

Gold coins

Gold coins is used in-game to trade with other players and used with merchants. They can be obtained through selling items in-game or purchased through or shop.

Land plots

Claim your private land plot for yourself or for you and your friends. This feature will be available in the later stages of the project. Land plot NFTs are on pre-sale now in our shop.


Skins used to be something every used could customize by themselves. Boring, no exclusivity. Now all skins are 100% unique and can only be used and claimed by owning the NFT for the particular skin.


Fight and conquer

In the later stages of the project you will be able to conquer plots of land and claim opponents belonings as well as the NFT of the land plot itself. This system will be explain in detail later on but is one of the most anticipated parts of the project.

Both land plot owners will agree (on the blockchain) to a fight for the land. Compare it to a pink slip race from The Fast and the Furious. After the agreement has been confirmed on the blockchain the battle will begin. Winner takes it all!

NFT Collections

Collect stunning skins and various plots of land

You don’t own just any skin or any plot of land. You own handcrafted skins by our talented artists. You own handcrafted landscapes by our professional architects. This is beyond anything you’ve ever seen before. Every skin will be unique, every plot of land will be unique.